What really annoying me is

language can be so powerless when trying to express my feeling sometimes…

Not everybody can keep waiting,

Not everything can remain a whole life,

So many names becoming blurred,

So many feeling fading away…

People who know you more,

know how to hurt you the most…

What’s trust?

When the room suddendly turn dark,

you searching of his hand instead of a torch…


Staying with a right person

he will give you energy to wake up every morning

give you secure to sleep at night,

passion to do everything,

expectation in future,

not even a sense of torturing or suffering…

A sad thing in life is when you meet someone who means a lot to you,

find out in the end that 

it was never meant to be and

you just have to let go…


is a fate we can never change…

No body have the patience to listen all of your stories,

they have their own stories to tell;

No body would like to hear your complaint in life,

they have their own pain to suffer

Many people want to take off your underwear,

any of them ever wash it for you?

Many people invite you to have dinner,

any of them ever bought you breakfast?

Many people ask you to have a drink,

any of them take care of you when you drunk?

Many people sending message to you when you get sick,

any of them take you to hospital?

Many people pursuing you,

any of them really loves you?

Some people suitable for you, but they don’t love you;

some people love you but just not suitable for you.

Don’t use your ears to hear how much he said he loves you,

use your eyes to see how much he do for you;

Don’t ask how much he can offer to you,

your smile and tears can give you the answer.

Your soul knew my soul

long before we needed skin to touch…


I have simple needs,

just you and me

and a dog we raise.

What make me feel secure,

is not how many people pursuing me,

it’s there have someone will never leave me no matter how hard i push him away…

I just want to sit here keep watching you,

till the time that you love me …

Why waste time to say sorry

than spent it to do things right…