If you do not leave me,

I will be by your side until the end …


Love is a responsibility.

It’s not i has no chance to meet a better man,

it’s only because i have you in my life already, i don’t want to meet someone else;

It’s not i can’t in love with another man,

it’s only because i have you in my life already, i don’t  think it’s necessary to love someone else;

It’s not i can’t live without you,

it’s only because i care and love you more,  i know better it”s not easy for us to be together, and i want to be with you forever.

But, i will leave if you take all for granted,

and then

 you can only feel like a poor but never be king…


Man is just like an onion

You have to peel it a layer after a layer

Tears would fall when you peeling

But what hurt the most is

you found the onion has no heart in the end…


Woman’s heart is just like a pear,

sweet in outside, bitter inside;

People can never know the taste of pear’s heart 

because they throw the heart away after they finished the sweet;

So man can never understand a woman’s heart…


The man i love the most will going to get married,

Bride is not me …

If i turned around and let you see my tearful face, we might be, never be seperated …

We were all right, we did nothing wrong, i was just too young …

Promise is what a liar says to a fool…

However hard you try to keep someone,

they’ll eventually leave

and be replaced by someone new and much better..

What if i tell you that I’m not strong enough,

all I want is just a warm hug…

Not everyone in your life

are meant to stay,

but I will waiting for the one

who is willing to stay…

Love is like an hourglass,

with the heart filling up

the brain


Although I’ve no idea who he is,

as long as I know someone in the world is waiting for me,  

I still feel happy every day because of it…

Promises are often like the butterfly,

which is disappear after a beautiful hover…

We might fall in love many times,

but only one person

can make me laugh the most beautiful

cry the most painful…